Blackjack online canada

Blackjack is a casino game with cards where players try to reach a combined value, in their hand, of 21. If a player’s total exceeds 21, this will result in a bust and an automatic loss. It is generally played with blackjack online canada standard deck of 52 playing cards. Depending on the version of online blackjack, more than one deck of cards may be used.

At Canadian online casinos, you’ll find every version of real-money online blackjack under the sun. The Maple Casino team have put together this quick blackjack overview to help you learn how to play. If you already know how to win money playing blackjack, you can also use our guide to refresh your memory and pick up on simple rules, such as what it takes to beat the dealer and win. History of Online Blackjack The origins of blackjack aren’t certain.

We do know, however, that a version was created in France. This game was known as Vingt-et-Un and was played during the 16th Century. Another game known as one and 30 was also played in Spain around the same time. It’s believed that these two games had the most influence on the modern game. Blackjack then made its way across to North America. In order to appeal to American gamblers, new rules were also introduced.

A hand made up of a Jack of Clubs or Spades, and an Ace of Spades would pay out 10 to one. This rule, in particular, helped blackjack gain popularity across North America. It is no longer in use today, though. Black and white image of ladies and gentlemen in the 1800’s sitting around a blackjack table.